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Gasmee is an on-demand fuel delivery app service combining the latest advancements in technology offers competitive pricing, trustworthy payment system, generated invoice service, and subscription benefits. We aim to build a highly efficient fuel delivery service that could benefit our customers and the environment around us, making our contribution to have a better world.

Fuel Delivery To Your Fleet

Whether it is a large or small fleet we can help optimise your business efficiently. By delivering gas straight to your location, say good bye to hassle detours for gas station with HGV* and LGV**.
Simply select your preferred date and time, vehicle type and your fleet location, any litre as you want. Available to view online or any mobile device.

*Heavy Goods Vehicle
**Large Goods Vehicle



  • gasmee_testimonial client1

    One day, I was supposed to get my son to daycare then go to work, I just realized that my car just started running out of gas. Your affordability calculator saved me some serious time to focus on what I can actually buy! During the time span from order till filled tank, I was able to prepare more of my son’s credentials before finally heading to the daycare.

    Emilia Aguinaldo
    Single Mother
  • Gasmee-B2B

    I was instantly caught by the idea of fuel delivery service and how easy it would be for my company fleet to get filled up before sunrise and ready to go right away in the morning. Their service is magnificent, quick solution for busy people!

    Maria Sanchez
    Business Owner
  • gasmee_testimonial-client2

    The Great Gasmee! I was invited for a company trial with Gasmee, they said once I get the app I can just order anytime so that we can be sure nothing is staged. I was totally satisfied with the trial and now my company would love to continue their service.

    Jessa M.
    Catering Manager
  • gasmee_testimonial client7

    Thanks to Gasmee! I now don’t have to deal with my drivers complaining that the trip to gas station make them lost work hours. I managed to schedule the tank refills for our fleet every night. No complain from me and the team up until now. Great job guys!

    Joshua Reyes
    Operation Manager
  • gasmee_testimonial-client3

    Great to stay on location. Especially liked to check with the estimated time of arrival when viewing locations. The order went really smooth and I was happy! As a student, your affordability calculator saved me a lot to show how many litres I can actually buy. Highly recommended!

    Juan Aquino

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